Compliance Training

Our compliance training courses, such as Introduction to UK Regulation, have been keeping the FCA happy for years and help your firm meet its Threshold Conditions for your FCA Authorisation.

We can provide you with a number of bespoke training courses that are tailored to your business and designed to provide meaningful value.

Robert Quinn Consulting

Robert Quinn Consulting is a boutique compliance consulting firm providing high-touch, high-value excellence to help firms build their business in a pragmatic and commercial way. We are fluent in most U.S. and European regulations and provide integrated compliance advice in a thoughtful way that our competitors do not.

We view ourselves as a partner in your business and as trusted advisor, we excel at going the extra mile to provide you with exceptional customer service. Our solutions are designed with your best interests in mind. With 10 years under our belt, our long-term clients and competitors alike will tell you, “Robert Quinn Consulting punches far above their weight.”

What Our Clients Say About Us